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The City of Prosser and Benton County Fire District 3 have enjoyed a unique and successful joint Fire/EMS service relationship since the 1950's. By combining their financial, staffing, facility and fleet resources, there is significant evidence of effective and efficient operations for Prosser Fire District 3 and there is evidence that the joint operation has been able to provide a level of service to each jurisdiction that would not be possible on their own.

As with most public partnerships, there are always predictable shifts in policy, participation and proliferation of services. These shifts result in the need to re-evaluate and "re-tool" the relationship in order to keep up with the various growth and demand factors in each jurisdiction.

Such was the case with the City of Prosser and Benton County Fire District 3. West Benton Fire & Rescue is the result of those changing demands and the recommendations of the Prosser Citizens Task Force.

West Benton Fire & Rescue is a combination Career/Volunteer fire department. We staff 3 career positions; Fire Chief, Operations Captain and Training Captain. We strive to fill 35 volunteer firefighter positions and remain in a constant state of recruitment to do so. There are approximately 450 calls for service each year. Those calls include Fire, EMS, HazMat and Technical Rescue. We also provide public education to all parties who are interested. In 2014, we launched our community CPR program that provides American Heart Association certified training, free of charge, four times per year.

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