Training Division

Prosser FD3 Training Tower The West Benton Fire and Rescue Training Division directs the education and training needs of all Firefighters & Emergency Medical Technicians. The division is responsible for the delivery of basic firefighter skills training such as fire hose deployment, breathing apparatus, and ladders all the way to technical rescue capabilities such as swift water rescue.The training includes classroom, hands on training, and performance evaluations of skills learned. Firefighters must train in all areas where they are expected to perform. This translates into an ever-widening arena in which fire fighters' must prepare for and act with some knowledge base in almost any given situation.

Through the Training Division, Prosser Fire District 3 also supports training outside the routine in-house provided instruction. We encourage our members to attend fire-service related classes offered by other fire departments, the National Fire Academy, and through regional programs that prepare fire fighters for higher levels of responsibility within the organization.

All of our Volunteers begin their fire service career in either our Wildland Academy that starts in April, or our Structure Academy that starts at the end of August. Your 1st year is filled with entry level training in Widland Firefighting, Structure Firefighting, Hazardous Materials Response and Emergency Vehicle Incident Prevention. All Volunteers will be given the opportunity to achieve IFSAC and NWCG certification.

Every Wednesday, our members are expected to attend a continuing education/training session. We have 2 sessions for you to choose from. A day session and an evening session. Our day session is from 09:30 — 11:30 and our evening session is from 19:00 — 21:00. The topics range from Swift Water Rescue to Fire Suppression and everything in between.

As stated above, our members are encouraged to attend fire-service related training outside of the normally offered curriculum.