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Meet the West Benton Fire Rescue Team

Career Staff

Our career staff is responsible to run the weekday operations of the district. Our uniformed and non-uniformed staff are multifaceted individuals with extensive skill sets in community affairs, fire suppression and prevention, and emergency medical services. Our career staff works with our volunteer staff on a daily basis to provide the best possible service to the citizens of the City of Prosser and surround communities.

Seth Johnson Fire Chief
Chief Seth Johnson started his work in the fire service as a volunteer firefighter/EMT in 2001. Serving the Fire Departments of the City of Sunnyside, the City of Grandview and Yakima County Fire District #5 had prepared him for his career employment with Prosser Fire District 3 in 2009, where he was hired as a Captain. Chief Johnson has served our department as Training Captain, Operations Captain and in November of 2017, he was promoted to Fire Chief.
Brandon Bowden Training Captain
Brandon Bowden was recently offered a full-time position with West Benton Fire Rescue as the Training Captain. Brandon joined the fire service as a volunteer firefighter/EMT with BCFD #1 in 2004 in Kennewick. In 2008 he moved to Prosser to start a family and joined Prosser Fire District #3 in January of that year. Captain Bowden is excited to be serving as Training Captain for WBFR in the city he now considers home. In addition to raising his growing family he also sits on the Prosser Memorial Hospital board.
Charles DamronOperations Captain
Captain Charles Damron started his career in the fire service in 1995 with the City of Grandview as a career Firefighter/EMT and also a Volunteer Firefighter with Yakima County Fire District #5. Captain Damron has had the pleasure of working for the Grandview, Toppenish and Prosser Fire District #3 Fire Departments and has also been a volunteer firefighter with Yakima County Fire District #5 for over 20 years which has shaped his career. Captain Damron is excited to serve as the Operations Captain for WBFR and share his knowledge with our firefighters and the community.
Friend, Scott
Scott FriendCaptain, Resident Coordinator
In 2012, Scott Friend put himself through EMT training at Columbia Basin College. That same year, he knocked on the door of Prosser Fire District 3 to gain the affiliation he needed to obtain his state EMT license. He received his initial fire training and has continued to serve the Prosser community ever since. In 2014, he started a full time position with Prosser Memorial Hospital’s Emergency Medical Services, serving as an EMT on the ambulance. In 2016, Scott tested for and was promoted to the rank of Volunteer Lieutenant with West Benton Fire Rescue. In 2018, he completed paramedic training through Columbia Basin College and continued to serve with PMH as a paramedic. In 2020, Scott was hired on as full-time, career staff with West Benton Fire Rescue as a captain and tasked with building and implementing WBFR’s resident program and serving as the Resident Coordinator. He also continues to serve as a paramedic with PMH, in a per diem role.

Board of Fire Commissioners

West Benton Fire Rescue is governed by a board of five Commissioners elected to serve 6 year terms. The Board develops the District’s overall strategic plan and long term vision. Working closely with the administrative staff, the Board guides the District through the adoption of policies and procedures. In addition to their work for the residents of the Prosser area, they are also actively involved in State and County associations that address issues related to the delivery of fire and emergency medical services.

Meet the Board

Company Officers

Company officers provide structure in the department and leadership on the fire ground. Although it is every member’s responsibility to ensure that the department is always ready to respond to and mitigate any incident; it is the officer’s primary responsibility to ensure departmental readiness. This is accomplished by implementing proper training, ensuring appropriate equipment is available and maintained, by making good command decisions and by providing direction at incidents.

Bill Petersen
Bill PetersenCompany A Lieutenant
Roy Haringa
Roy Haringa Company B Lieutenant
Joe Castillo
Joe Castillo Company C Lieutenant
Lionel Martinez
Lionel MartinezCompany D Lieutenant


West Benton Fire Rescue strives to become an organization that:

  • is fully prepared for all emergencies
  • strives to provide resources and services that reflect the diverse needs of the community and environment
  • is always preparing for future emergency needs
  • is financially responsible, financially stable and that is enthusiastically supported by our community
  • promotes a safe, productive and healthy work environment
  • maintains a high level of legislative/management/workforce partnerships that embraces making decisions collaboratively
  • influences and embraces change
  • is committed to the professional development of its members and whose members are effective, empowered and enthusiastic about their service


Meet the volunteer firefighters that help keep our community safe.

Company A

Uriel Araiza
Uriel AraizaFirefighter
Philip Chong
Philip ChongFirefighter
John Estey
John EsteyFirefighter
Maurice Reilly
Maurice ReillyFirefighter

Company B

Sidney Ayala
Sidney AyalaFirefighter
Zach Durbin
Zach DurbinFirefighter
Josh Petroff
Josh PetroffProbationary Firefighter
Daryl Rutherford
Daryl RutherfordFirefighter

Company C

Ryan Austin
Ryan AustinFirefighter
Tino Ferrer
Tino FerrerFirefighter
Christy Houser
Christy HouserFirefighter

Company D

Eric Larez
Eric LarezFirefighter - EMT
Art Perez
Art PerezFirefighter - EMT
Michael Quijano
Michael QuijanoFirefighter
Chane Cisneros
Chane CisnerosFirefighter

Resident Firefighters

Taylor Wolfe
Taylor WolfeResident Firefighter
Jake Coleman
Jake ColemanResident Firefighter
Ericka Rodriguez
Ericka RodriguezResident Firefighter
Jonathan Koreski
Jonathan KoreskiResident Firefighter
Haden Hicks
Haden HicksResident Firefighter
Hugo Guzman Jr.
Hugo Guzman Jr.Resident Firefighter

Administrative Staff

Gayle Carrasco
Gayle CarrascoAdministrator

The administrator position provides administration assistance, financial management, human resources and record keeping for the Fire Department. This position requires excellent organizational skills and the disposition to work well with other department members, local government representatives and the public.

The Administrator reports to the Fire Chief and the West Benton Regional Fire Authority Governance Board.