West Benton Fire Rescue Was “GOATED”

Goat's Anatomy

         Eat your heart out “Dr. Dreamy”!


GOAT - Greatest Of All Time

Fire Chief Damron, “Did I just hear a Goat?”

GOAT - Greatest Of All Time

We were goated! 🤣 Thanks to The Wishing Star Foundation for the surprise. What an awesome event to help grant wishes to local kids. If you guys want to learn more about the Wishing Star Foundation, visit https://wishingstar.org/ to help out a LOCAL cause. We ’all know how we love local!

The Wishing Star Foundation made an appearance with an adorable baby goat to the West Benton Fire Rescue Fire Department, where we all gladly participated in donating to the fundraiser. Fire Chief Charles Damron, Commissioner Richard Clizbe and Fire Department Administrator Gayle Carrasco.


Thanks Wishing Star Foundation!!


Willy helps teach about terms used in reference to the Send-A-Friend A Goat fundraiser for The Wishing Star Foundation. We were taught what “TO BE GOATED” means. That is when a Goat Wrangler volunteer brings us a baby goat to visit and play with, while taking a photo and making a donation to The Wishing Star Foundation. That donation helps the “Goat Wranglers” get closer to their goal of winning the coveted trophy and helps Wishing Star grant wishes all year long.

Wishing Star Foundation Rocks!

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