Winter Weather Tips

With the fall weather moving into our area, WBFR wants to remind everyone to clean your chimneys and service your furnaces before cold weather hits.

WBFR provides the following steps to ensure safety:

👨‍🚒Have your furnace and heating system inspected by a professional.
🚒Clean the ashes from your stove or fireplace on a regular basis and place them in a metal container with a metal lid.
👨‍🚒Never place ashes in bags or any other combustible container.
🚒Never place ashes near your home, deck or combustible vegetation.
👨‍🚒Never place ashes in your trash.
🚒Have a certified Chimney Sweep inspect your chimney annually and clean and repair it whenever needed.
👨‍🚒As always, have working smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors in your home.

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