Prosser fire burns multiple vehicles and tractors

PROSSER, Wash. — Firefighters are still trying to figure out what caused a fire between Benton City and Prosser that burned three cars, multiple tractors and orchard equipment.

It started around 11:30 a.m. off I-82 near the Gibbon Road exit.

The fire burned about ten acres then a sudden wind shift pushed it further West.

It threatened two structures and then spread about 100 acres.

Firefighters worked to save a home and barn that were in the path of the blaze.

Firefighters said the homeowner of the house in the blaze was asleep when the fire started.

Luckily he woke up and was able to help firefighters protect his home.

“We recommend people have a green zone around their house,” said Captain Brandon Bowden with West Benton Fire Rescue. “It makes our job a lot easier when we can pull up and know the structure is safe, rather than focusing our resources on protecting vehicles and structures.”

While firefighters are still working to determine the exact cause, they think someone was welding around a maintenance vehicle in cheatgrass.


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