Horse-Heaven dozer line complete

West Benton Fire Rescue tied in the Horse-heaven dozer lines today. Thank you to the separate land owners that allowed this to take place!

We met an unfriendly resident, aka Mr. “Rattler”, he shook his beads at us, curled into a ball, but then quickly realized he was outweighed by our iron. A very good reminder that they are out and when threatened they’ll do what they deem necessary.

The second half of the day we also got a chance to get started on our Rattlesnake Hill project (no pun intended just coincidence.)

For this project, we joined forces with Benton County Fire Protection District #2 and Benton County Fire District #1 and though they got an excellent start to the project yesterday without us, we were very happy to be able to make it today and give them a hand for this project. It really takes all of us to get it done every year and it helps protect hundreds of residences and thousands of acres.

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