May 17th Incident Response

Last night at approximately 11:00pm crews were called out on a hazardous materials call. On arrival crews found what appeared to be a suspicious device. WBFR worked with Prosser Police Department to give the device its proper care. In addition, Hanford Patrol K9 unit was called out as well as the Richland Bomb Squad. Crews remained on scene until all hazards were eliminated and cleared the scene around 3:30am.

The device was a sealed container and though the K9 unit didn’t detect anything, it was still decided to take proper care and action for disposal of the device. The Richland Bomb squad, using their robot, removed the device from its found location and placed it into a field, where it was then remotely detonated.

Thank you citizens who promptly called this in after realizing its potential and thank you to all the agencies involved. This is an excellent example of how your public safety forces come together to help serve, protect, and eliminate potential problems/threats to all of our citizens, including those of other surrounding communities as well.

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