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Prosser, A Great Place to Live!

West Benton Fire Rescue is located in Prosser, Washington and works closely with these city agencies and civic organizations.

Our Core Values

As an organization, West Benton Fire Rescue has a core set of values that carry through to each member. As a philosophy, we believe that we are not just employees. But members of an exceptional team. To be exceptional, we strive to support and take care of each other. This is the brotherhood of our profession.


“Thank you, guys, for keeping our neighborhood safe!”

DawnAnn Johnson

“I salute you men and women. You always do such a great job and save lives while you are at it. You all are amazing!”

Sharon Petross

“Thank You to all the Firefighters for their bravery and commitment!”

Rose Hildebrant

“Thank you is not enough, but that’s all we have THANK YOU!”

Tom & Cindy McLemore

“Thank you all for your sacrifice & hard work provided in saving our homes. You are all very much appreciated! God Bless you!”

Brenda Birch Crawford

“Thank you for keeping us safe. You amazed us with your skills. God bless you all!”

Kathlyn Storslee Wolfe

“Thank you for protecting our home. You have no idea how much you all are appreciated. Our family lost our house to a house fire 11 years ago in Ellensburg, last night felt like reliving it for our family. God bless you all, stay safe, and prayers are being sent to heaven!”

Donelle Snider

“Bless your hearts, each and every one who put themselves in harm’s way to protect our community and families!”

Julie Ottmar

“Watching the flames come towards my family’s home as we evacuated, I was sure our house was going to be gone when we came back. There are not enough thank yous in the world to let each and every one of you know how much we appreciate you.”

Melissa Killian

“We called and scheduled Messiah Lutheran Preschool to take a tour of the Fire Department. Scheduling was super easy. We took 46 preschool kiddos ranging from ages 3-6 within a 2 day period. The firemen were very friendly and knew how to talk to the kids. Our kiddos were able to practice fire safety techniques to keep them safe right next to the firemen. The kids will of course say their favorite part would be receiving fire hats and seeing the big fire truck. We will definitely be planning another field trip next year. Thanks so much.”